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Gono, we are not so stupid

WE need to wake up and use our smart brains. If the demonitisation of the $200 000 bill was affected by the weather then why not extend the changeover period? This is the time for all of us to see that the government made the mistake of hiring a clown as head

of the central bank. Can you imagine what will happen in the rural areas next time we are going to try to change the currency?

The Reserve Bank governor is not aware of the troubles that he inflicted upon the rural people. In some areas his lies about changing money in 10 days created its own “cash barons” as he likes calling them who were exchanging new notes with the $200 000 for a premium. In some rural areas I am told the premium was as high as $1 million of the $200 000 for every $500 000 of new notes. So please tell me why were some people in the remote and inaccessible areas forced to lose 50% of their money only to be told “tanga tichitamba (we were just joking)”.

I remember the days when we were young and living in the rural areas. Whatever the radio announced was considered credible and no one would dispute it. Now with these kinds of games do you think next time the RBZ announces change of currency messages over the radio the rural people will believe him and risk being stupid in ten days time?

I also blame the powers that be at both the Herald and the ZBH for giving Gono space to fool the whole nation.

I fully support government efforts to root out cash barons but for the governor to make the nation queue for three months is heartless.

Gono took the nation for a ride yet he knows who the cash barons are. He knows $100 trillion is not enough for Zimbabwe’s cash needs but he still wants to experiment by forcing the nation to work with an inadequate cash base. Was it necessary to make the public experience cash shortages for two months before he could identify multiple bank account holders? In any case is it illegal to have multiple bank accounts in Zimbabwe?

Even if Gono argues that he was conducting an experiment or survey, research ethics require that the subject participants be informed and be willing volunteers.

It is surprising that the government gazzette now belongs to one person who churns out decrees willy nilly every 10 days without due care about the consequences for the nation at large.

I would like to leave you with these questions (especially those 30 years and above). You remember the years when you were doing your secondary education? — the only sensible place to keep cash was the bank such that even the students would at the end of every six months submit their POSB savings account passbooks for interest calculation. Try to do that today and see the kind of rewards you get. Is there any need to explain why there is no money at the bank? Is it sensible to keep money at the bank and yet when you are hospitalised you cannot access it?

Gono, please give the nation their cash and their liberties and democratic rights.


By e-mail.

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