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Elections are predetermined

LET me remind Zimbabweans that election results are decided in a Zanu PF office with the participation of the JOC and CIO. They decide how many seats they need, then which constituencies they should claim to have won the seats from.

tify>Then to make the elections look credible, they make the MDC “win” the rest of the constituencies. Thus they start announcing MDC “wins” first. They reserve the pain for the last moments when their calculated results start rolling in. When they decide they need a two-thirds majority, they sit down and decide which constituencies they will claim to have won. They carefully choose rural constituencies where no one will dare challenge.

If this does not work they resort to precalculated figures. This is where Tobaiwa Mudede and lately George Chiweshe come in. This was done successfully in 2000 and emboldened Zanu PF to allocate themselves a two-thirds majority in 2005. That is why Mugabe always declares before hand that he will have a resounding victory.

This is their game plan again for 2008. They will take the MDC and Zimbabwe for another ride and this time with the Mbeki-led talks legitimising the theft of Zimbabweans votes.

The MDC do not learn lessons quickly. Zimbabweans will blame the MDC for prolonging their suffering if they participate in such a pre-determined election. The 143 seats allocated to rural areas were a direct result of this calculation. Votes will not be realistically counted in these constituencies. The results and figures are already with the CIO and ZEC, waiting to be announced after the fictitious “counting” of votes. I know this for a fact.

I was a military intelligence officer in the ZNA before I got fed up with seeing the mad destruction of my country and the blatant theft of votes. If Zimbabweans continue to ignore this fact and allow Zanu PF to run the elections through the CIO and army then no opposition party will ever win in Zimbabwe.

People have voted for the MDC overwhelmingly in all past elections but the figures decided in a Zanu PF meeting are the ones that are announced to the people.

Be warned Zimbabwe. Until a fool-proof system is designed by all stakeholders, here comes another predetermined resoounding win for Zanu PF in 2008 and here comes the growing frustration with the MDC by people.

This is exactly what Zanu PF wants: to make people lose faith in opposition parties so that eventually it will win due to apathy hence eventually it won’t have to rig elections.



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