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Going back to the future

HISTORY surely keeps on repeating itself. Towards the general election which ushered Robert Mugabe into power in 1980, former Zimbabwe-Rhodesia prime minister, Bishop Abel Muzorewa, held what was dubbed the Huruyadzo Star rally at, ominously enough, Zimbabwe G

rounds. For four days people (me included) feasted on beer, meat and sadza.

Overhead, four helicopters hovered over the grounds blairing UANC slogans and chanting “Ngatipindei muZimbabwe yedu. Zimbabwe yakanaka vakomana.

Everybody, especially the good Bishop and his international backers, sincerely believed that the UANC would victoriously walk into the new Zimbabwe.

But we all know what happened. All I am trying to say is; do not use “million man marches” and rally attendances as indicators of a political party’s popularity. Zimbabweans are very good at putting up pretences. You will only know their true allegiance at voting time as Bishop Muzorewa will tell you.

Masawi Munyanyi,


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