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Time to expose Mugabe’s hypocrisy

By Jethro Mpofu

FOR a long time now President Robert Mugabe has been fooling some Zimbabweans, some Africans and some entities within the global community by pretending

to be a gallant African statesman of the Nkrumah model. Through his long speeches Mugabe has been painting a picture of himself as a valiant pan-Africanist defending Zimbabwean and African economic and political interests that are continuously being threatened by Western imperialism.

I think, in the interest of Zimbabwe’s recovery from the current economic and political decay,the time has come for the democratic forces in Zimbabwe and beyond to know and understand Mugabe for what he is. I believe that Mugabe has never been and he will not be a genuine pan-African liberator. Mugabe has injured the African people that he leads at local level.

He has impoverished them and used the historical Zimbabwean heritage of land to buy votes and cement his partisan interests and has divided the Africans in Zimbabwe almost beyond repair.

He has killed the economy of Zimbabwe and has in the past conspired with Western forces against the economic and political interests of the Africans in Zimbabwe.

lMpofu is a political activist based in Bulawayo.

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