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Zanu PF regime taking Zimbabweans for granted

THE current cash shortages are the clearest indication that the regime is now comatose and in a permanent state of hibernation and therefore cannot be expected to solve the crisis facing the nation.

It is an open provocation to

the people of Zimbabwe to make them spend nights outside banks as they seek to withdraw their hard-earned cash. It is criminal for any government to be the source of the people’s agony and tribulations.

People simply want to withdraw their money so that they can buy food, uniforms and other basic commodities for their families. They want to buy maize seed and fertiliser.

They want to maintain their dignity. They do not want to negotiate for what is supposed to be an ordinary service. They want peace and economic stability. They do not want to be taken for granted. Accessing their money is their basic right.

The month of November is supposed to mark the beginning of the festive season. The funfare has since gone due to Zanu PF’s mismanagement but Zimbabweans still want to maintain their dignity.

They do not want yet another queue where they spend productive time seeking to withdraw their money which banks are supposed to be holding in trust.

They have every right to withdraw their limited daily maximum even though it will not take them anywhere. They cannot bear the brunt of a crisis authored and nurtured by the Zanu PF regime through decades of patronage, corruption and mismanagement.

Cash shortages are an insult to business, a blow to families and households, a mockery to civil servants and workers in general and a death sentence to investment possibilities.

For our parents, grandparents and women in the rural areas, it is the last straw to their hopes of ever enjoying a better life under this regime.

In short, the cash crunch punctures the economic wheels of the nation, rendering it stagnant.

It has become a monthly ritual by the regime to inflict pain and suffering on Zimbabweans. A few months ago, the regime emptied supermarket shelves of basic commodities. This month, the weapon of cash shortages seems to have been retrieved to bludgeon Zimbabweans. Instead of giving a Christmas present to Zimbabweans, the regime offers penury and impoverishment.

It is a shameful indictment on this heartless regime that it has run out of the worthless paper that it imposed on the people as currency.

Even though the purchasing power of token wages has since been eroded, it is a provocation to the innocent people of Zimbabwe to make them spend long hours outside financial institutions.

After spending nights in bank queues, there is no guarantee that they will be able to find basic goods on the black market as the supermarket shelves are still empty owing to a populist price blitz which has since backfired.

Zimbabweans are now clear that Zanu PF does not deserve any month, any week, any day, any hour or any minute longer in office. Zanu PF is better as history and part of the archives.

People want the dawn of a new era through free and fair elections which will effect a legitimate and accountable government that will address the current crisis besetting the nation.

Zimbabweans want to recover the lost years and prove to the world their capacities, competencies and utility to the global family of nations.

They want a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning. They want 2008 to be the year of change, prosperity and reversal of all that is bad about Zimbabwe.

The MDC is the people’s alternative. It offers a leadership for change, a leadership for jobs, a leadership for stability and a leadership for quality and affordable health care and education.

The MDC is the party of choice. It is the people’s only hope of stability and economic prosperity.

Nelson Chamisa, MP

MDC Secretary for

Information and Publicity

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