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Why I disagreed with Sibanda

I REFER to an article published in your paper (November 23-29) entitled “Masvingo denounces Sibanda” whose contents were attributed to me.

The article contains some gross misrepresentations which distorted the actual message pass

ed on to your reporter, in our brief telephone interview.

Firstly, I never mentioned or implied to your reporter that my sentiments were on behalf of Masvingo’s Zanu PF provincial executive as all the views expressed were my own and made in my capacity as a war veteran.

Secondly, I was also clear that I was never against any marches organised by the party, but strongly objected to the same being organised by Jabulani Sibanda who was suspended from the party in 2004.

Thirdly, I also objected to Sibanda’s marches on the basis that the organisers in some instances turned the marches into platforms where they openly castigated supremos of the liberation struggle who included generals Mujuru and Zvinavashe, comrades Dumiso Dabengwa, John Nkomo and Vice President Joseph Msika.

A specific and particular reference was made of a meeting held in Masvingo which I attended and witnessed speakers castigating senior members of the party.

I therefore request that you publish this letter as a form of public retraction and restitution in the next issue of your publication.

Major Kudzai Mbudzi (Rtd),


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