Electoral reforms questionable

When British Airways announced their departure from the Harare route we were told it was all part of the British conspiracy against Zimbabwe. Abandoned now by Zambian Airways, what are we to make of th

is latest blow to tourism?

You know you are sinking in the mire when the Zambians pull out. Where’s Rupiah Banda when you need him? All that solidarity talk must count for something. Or was it just for ZTV and the Herald?

Finance minister Samuel Mumble-ben-gegwi has proved he is not only a poor public speaker but also a none-too-clever fiscal manager. His claims that the economy will grow by 4% next year and that inflation will come down to 1 978% are patently absurd. Where did he get these figures from?

Inflation is shooting up while government continues to fuel it. Like printing money and borrowing to spend. What signs are there of an easing in the rate?

Meanwhile the economy continues to contract with no suggestions of a turnaround.

Why doesn’t Mumble-ben-gegwi tell it like it is instead of spinning yarns? What should be asked is which of government’s policies is actually succeeding? Agriculture continues to suffer from Didymus Mutasa’s land grabs. There is no evidence of improved output there. And unemployment is burgeoning as companies go to the wall because they cannot recover the costs of production.

It is a tragic scenario. But so long as we have the blind leading the blind in the management of our economy the collapse will intensify. Couldn’t Gideon Gono at least spell out what measures need to be taken to bring inflation down? Why doesn’t he try rallying the country around five essential steps to beating inflation? But he doesn’t seem to have the heart for it. Either that or he is hostage to his political ambitions.

And can you believe those poor naïve people, who Jabulani Siba

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