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Let God be judge, Bishop!

PLEASE allow me through your paper to make my contribution in response to an article by Bishop Manhanga that appeared recently in the Sunday Mail.

At the risk of being criticised as too personal I still feel strongly that

I must speak my mind.

To start with Bishop Manhanga’s choice of forum to discuss the issues he raised is suspicious.

As a senior member of the clergy and chairman of Head of Denominations, the bishop is acutely aware of proper foras in the church where such issues can be adequately discussed. Curiously he chooses the Sunday Mail.

The bishop seems to have conveniently forgotten that the church already has a regulatory body in the Holy Spirit.

Besides, the church operates in the context of the laws of the land where harm to the not so gullible public can adequately be addressed in a court of law.

The bishop’s misguided and self-righteous fear of regulation from outside is therefore unfounded.

Those of us in the church are also aware of the fact that Bishop Manhanga has over the years worked tirelessly to place himself in a position of influence and privilege in government circles.

It is outright dishonesty for him to say that he fears regulation from outside when in fact he is using his influence in government to lobby for such regulation should his sinister ploy to control the church fail.

Readers will remember that not so long ago Bishop Manhanga came up with the Zimbabwe he wants project which the church did not buy into because it was a personal club of the elite.

Further, the bishop through this organisation has immensely benefited from the RBZ benevolence in the form of a double cab truck and other latest vehicles.

Again this is not the first time we have heard something like this. Towards the last general election, the not so reverend Reverend Msindo — a well known apologist and public defender of the status-quo — advocated for something like what the good bishop seems to be now preaching again and curiously ahead of another general election. Strange is it not that these dreams always come up at times like these?

Talking of sinners in the church calling themselves pastors or whatever, God says in his word let them grow together. The day will surely come when God himself will separate the good from the bad. No-one should try for whatever reason to do it for God. Let God be the judge!

Christian history is replete with God’s generals with little or no Bible school accreditation who achieved great things for the kingdom of God.

A Bible school qualification should never be used as a measuring line for one to pursue his calling.

Finally freedom of worship is one constitutional tenet that we value and that the government of Zimbabwe has upheld.

It remains one human right among many that the regime has respected and has not tampered with. Pastor Kasi has a right to do the things that he does. He even can choose hell to heaven and no-one should ask him why. God is the judge! It is easy to yield to the temptation of wanting to lord it over others in search of fame and popularity. The nonsense from the bishop must stop!

Concerned Clergy,


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