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It’s a weird world

BAFFLED: Doctors in China admit they are baffled after a man began to perspire green sweat.

Cheng Shunguo (52) of Wuhan city says his sweat turned green in the middle of November.

“I noticed

that my underwear and bed sheets were all green, and even the water in the shower,” he told the Chutian Metropolis News.

Cheng says he feels no discomfort, but went to hospital because he was worried about his condition.

Doctors thoroughly cleaned his armpits but it took only 10 minutes for his sweat to turn a piece of white gauze green again.

They have carried out blood tests on Cheng, but found everything to be normal.

“We can’t find the cause,” admitted a spokesman for the hospital which reported the case to the media in the hope of finding a solution. — Ananova.

SNEAKED: A woman was reportedly caught after breaking into a jail to have sex with her husband.

The wife sneaked into Standford Hill open prison on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, in the early hours of Sunday, according to The Sun.

But she was caught by a guard in the grounds as she tried to leave. An inquiry into the security breach is under way.

The Sun’s source said: “She got in by climbing over a fence and her husband was waiting for her.

“He took her into to his cell for a romp and she left a short while later. A few people knew about it. Then while she was trying to leave she was spotted.

“She stood out because she was the only woman in an all-male jail!”

Her husband has now been sent to a higher security prison. — Ananova.

STOLE: Cheeky Australian thieves stole 16 tonnes of ham and bacon from a Sydney warehouse and then wrote “Thanks, Merry Christmas” on a wall, police said on Monday.

The thieves cut through a wall of the warehouse between Saturday and Sunday and stole up to A$100 000 (US$88 500) worth of meat.

“Officers located a message on the wall of the building, reading: ‘Thanks, Merry Christmas’,” said a police statement. — Reuters.

CAUGHT: Two convicts on day-release from a German prison were caught tending their illegal cannabis crop in an empty warehouse nearby, German authorities said on Monday.

German customs agents discovered the 1 200 cannabis plants in the warehouse in the western town of Moers and detained the two convicts, immediately ending the furlough and sending them back to jail.

The customs agents said the men, who were on day-release to find jobs, were planning to export their harvest to the Netherlands. — Reuters.

HO HO HO: A Santa in an Australian department store said on Wednesday he had been sacked for saying “ho ho ho” and singing Christmas songs to children.

Employment company Westaff, which supplies stores with red-robed, white-bearded Father Christmases, had earlier asked its Santas to say “ha ha ha” because the word “ho”, which is American slang for whore, could offend women, media reported.

In the latest incident, the Cairns Post newspaper said 70-year-old John Oakes was sacked on Monday for saying “ho ho ho” and for singing the Christmas song Jingle Bells.

“They’re trying to kill the spirit of Christmas,” said Oakes, a retired entertainer who has been a Santa for three years.

Westaff spokesman Bert Jansz told the paper Oakes had been dismissed because of his attitude, and not for his ho ho ho-ing. He said Westaff Santas were not banned from using the term. — Reuters.

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