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Spare us Zesa

THE current power cuts gripping the country are unhealthy and unwelcome.

Appliances worth trillions of dollars such as TVs, decorders, fridges and hi-fis have been damaged thanks to Zesa.

Zesa and its subsid

iaries have totally failed the nation. Instead of sticking to prescribed load-shedding periods, there is haphazad load-shedding. What precedent are they setting.

Of late, parts of Harare/Chitungwiza have received only 30 minutes to one hour in terms of power availability to per day.

Ironically, other areas have 12 hours per day in terms of power. Such an arrangement is pathetic to say the least.

The Zesa board of directors and responsible minister must resign immediately in the interest of the nation. They would be a liability to the electorate in the future. Government is encouraged to put proper load-shedding and stick to the times.



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