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MDC must swallow pride

THE sqabbles that have recently emerged in the MDC are a cause of extreme concern to the Kwekwe community and the leadership should suspend any motives, corrective or otherwise, that will promote the degeneration of the situation to irreversable proportions.

The leadership should adopt a totally inclusive attitude in their camp to insulate their membership from forces eager to cause total collapse of the party.

The party should avoid the temptation to sideline other members, especially at this juncture and instead concentrate on issues relevant to the coming elections next year.

Do not expose some of your membership to opposition forces who will polute them without delay to the detriment of your organisation. Zimbabwe needs your committed support and the sooner you regain your collective sanity the better it will be for the whole nation.

It is not time for machismo but time for selfless service to the nation.

Douglas T Savanhu,


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