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Let’s regulate ourselves

Dear Editor,

LET me thank you for the response you gave in last week’s Independent edition to the article I wrote in the Sunday Mail. I value the discussion and debate the article has ar


My desire was to get the church community to take an introspective look at what is going on within our circles.

In no way am I advocating for the “Talibanisation” of the church in Zimbabwe, neither am I asking for government to come in and regulate us. I am asking us to regulate ourselves, because my fear is that if we don’t, we may face regulation from outside in the future.

I know that issues of faith are very subjective, but I do believe that there are universal standards that we can all agree to adhere to.

The right to worship or freedom of religion in my humble estimation should not be a licence for me to take advantage of innocent people who come to the church in need of help.

Too much is going on under the guise that it is the “Lord’s work” which is spiritual and therefore should be left alone. I find that difficult to accept especially with some of the behaviour and experiences we are witnessing.

This is where I am coming from, and like I said, thanks for your valued opinion, it adds value to an important discussion and for that I am most grateful.

Bishop Trevor Manhanga,


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