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Why criticise Tsvangirai?

I AM not a member of MDC, but only a symphathiser. I write to express my concern on your paper’s latest bash against MDC, particularly Morgan Tsvangirai.

Of late your group of papers, for unknown reasons, have become speci

alists in criticising MDC. This is not the first time Tsvangirai and MDC have faltered in their history and I wonder why the intensity of the criticism has increased especially in view of the coming elections.

I admit that Tsvangirai may not be the best of leaders in the country and has a lot of obvious shortfalls, but at this crucial moment, let’s deal with the “suicide bomber”, Robert Mugabe who wants the nation to go down with him.

If you have a snake and rat in your house what would you pursue first? Mugabe is the biggest liability and threat to our nation.

Let’s deal with Sergeant Doe or Mobuto Seseko first and if Taylor or Kabila prove to be dictatorial, they are less of a problem to deal with in the future.

We have enough negative news about MDC from the state media and Nathaniel Manheru. I hope your political reporter, Augustine Mukaro, is not another Nathaniel Manheru.

To Tsvangirai and team do not despair; people do not whip a dead donkey.

A T Mutingwa,

Birmingham (UK).

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