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Lloyd blames Windies board

UNDER Clive Lloyd, West Indies won 23 Tests between 1979 and 1985 with 21 draws and only three losses, a losing percentage of 6.4 percent.

Between April 2003 and June 2006 West Indies, under three different captains, lost 61,7%

of their matches.

In an interview Lloyd told Reuters the reasons for the precipitous decline could be traced to inaction and complacency on the part of the West Indies Cricket Board.

“We wanted to improve our cricket but we didn’t put systems in place. Now we are trying in the Caribbean to harness the talent. We are getting the colleges and universities involved in our cricket.

“We have exposed more cricketers and with the university now and with the academy, we are going to be teaching kids all aspects of things. On-the-field stuff and off-the-field, so that we are hoping that we will have well-rounded cricket which is needed in this day and age with the different games and different regulations.

“You are playing for an association that is going back for years. West Indies cricket has always been at the high echelons of the sport and now we have been languishing at the bottom for quite a long while. Years ago in the ‘70s and the ‘80s if you didn’t make runs against the West Indies you weren’t classed as a great player or a good player. We now want to bring that back.”

Questions and answers:

Would it help if more West Indians played in English county cricket?

“In county cricket you realise the tactics of the game, how to get into a winning position, or to put yourself in a winning position, how to work yourself into an innings Our guys have played a lot of international cricket but they are learning on the job. In county cricket you can spend 17 days in a row just playing cricket.”

Does cricket have a global future or will it remain a sport with passionate devotees in a small number of countries?

“I tried to get an Africa Cup: Zimbabwe, Namibia and Kenya. Gambia. An Africa Cup could be something that could unearth a lot of talent. All
these things I put forward but
they just get shot down because I’m not in a position to see it through.” — Reuters.

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