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Lessons from Rhodesia

I AM not sure when Ian smith was overthrown by Robert Mugabe’s forces. Some say he was never overthrown.

But I must commend the Herald article of November 21. After saying what was expected of them about Smith they w

ere very professional with the rest of the article. They even gave him full marks for his family life which was completely unexpected of the Herald.

What lessons can be learnt from this diehard Rhodesian?

l The ability to shut out the rest of the world and survive. Any notes left behind would be useful for the current leadership.

lHe created a rare breed of people possibly unable to fit anywhere else except among themselves — the so-called Rhodies. It’s really a mental condition initiated and sustained by skin colour.

lAny shrewd leadership which is driven by minority interests leaves no positive legacy.

lLeaders’ inability to separate what is their own from what belongs to all the people is a psychiatric disorder. Ian Smith believed he was still serving the country when he was serving his personal interests.

As a black Zimbabwean, if it had been in the 90s — 10 to 15 years into independence — I would have jumped with joy at his passing on. But at this point in time I feel nothing for his passing.

Ben Manyenyeni


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