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EU-AU summit not for Zim alone

AFRICA is still well-deserved to be identified as a continuously deluded basket-case continent.

This image has recently been augmented by the current African Union commission chairman.

With regard to the for

thcoming EU-AU Lisbon summit there is more evidence of just how out of symmetry Africa is with the civilised world.

As a measurement of typical AU buffoonery, just one statement by AU commission chairman Alpha Oumar Konare is enough to expose the intellectual and capacity chasm between Africa and the relevant emerged world.

Konare has recently said that the upcoming EU-AU summit would be a measure of the bloc’s willingness to enter into an “equitable and equal” partnership with the continent, regardless of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

One of the many shameless problems with the AU and their subordinate members is that they are still willing to aid, abet, sustain, hero-worship, apologise for and boot-lick Africa’s biggest tyrant in the form of Mugabe.

Few if any African deluded (typically undemocratic) despots will ever stand up and declare their commitment and application to international charters, corruption elimination, democracy and human rights values.

Since Konare talks about “equality” (with the EU) one has to wonder what he really means?

Perhaps this apparently confused comrade should identify his or the real meaning of “equal”?

Is it founded on moral principles, national wealth, skilled human capital, applied democracy, global esteem, corruption, blame passing or begging-basket skills, or any other values?

Do AU members usually apply real democracy and commit themselves to eliminate embedded incompetence and corruption?

His contention of “equality” is certainly not based on properly applied democracy, respect for human rights, and proper law and order implementation in Africa. In fact still many African leaders are apparently only expert at incompetence, self-improvement, lying, blame passing, begging, looting and grand corruption.

The reality is that Africa has little in common with the real emerged world that actually has structures and values that usually work towards the betterment of their citizens.

Tragically many African leaders excuse or recuse themselves to their own alleged primate cultures rather than trying to emerge.

The facts are that the African continent generally is a draining and leaching scab that is hindering global improvement and growth on most frontiers.

It’s time Africa did something for itself for a change — donors are very tired of propping up non-achieving corrupt regimes. Who does or does not attend this summit is of no real relevance.

The outcome is predictable — Africa will blame the West for its continuous uselessness, and want to claim more “atoning” donor funds to thereafter loot from. Certain woolly-minded Western mental-geriatrics will still feel some ill-founded guilt that Africa has again been exposed to be what it really is.

During and after this talk-shop some previously deluded or earlier confused EU members might be reminded or informed to see the real Africa for what it has always been.

Mberembere Jengaenga,

By e-mail.

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