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Zim girl dumps Prince Harry

BRITAIN’S Prince Harry and his Zimbabwean girlfriend Chelsy Davy have split up, Sunday newspapers reported.

The News of the World and the Mail last Sunday said Davy (22) had told friends she and

the prince were having a trial separation.

“She kept saying she needed to take some time out to re-establish herself. She still loves him but she feels she needs to carve an identity as her own person rather than as Prince Harry’s girlfriend,” the Mail quoted a friend as saying.

“Chelsy just couldn’t put up with his antics anymore,” a friend told the News of the World, which said that Harry’s decision to attend a rugby match instead of her birthday had persuaded Chelsy to break off the relationship.

A spokeswoman for the royal family said it would not comment on the prince’s private life. Harry (23) is Queen Elizabeth’s grandson and third in line for the throne.

Harry, a second lieutenant in the Household Cavalry, has been described as disappointed and debating whether to quit the army after being told he could not deploy with his unit to Afghanistan.

Earlier this year he was kept home when his unit was sent to Iraq. Generals had initially said they would send him, but changed their minds because the deployment would put other troops in danger.

Chief of Defence Staff Sir Jock Stirrup acknowledged that those decisions may have been difficult for the prince.

“I’m not in a position to speak for him on what his future intentions are. What I will say is I greatly sympathise with him,” Stirrup told BBC talk show host Andrew Marr on Sunday.

“We have an organisation that is very much based around the team, team spirit and team ethos, and so when the team is involved everybody wants to be involved. And so I understand his disappointment absolutely, and I do sympathise with it.” — Reuters.

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