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Mother of all agricultural seasons’ a pipedream

I NEVER cease to be amused when our central bank and government officials dub the coming agricultural season “mother of all farming seasons”.

Obviously the assumption here is that since the so-called new farmers were issued with

tractors, combine harvesters, seed, fuel and fertilisers we are going to witness a bumper harvest.

May I humbly advise that farming takes more than equipment and inputs to succeed. It takes dedication, perseverance and discipline, among other attributes.

The tractors that were allocated to so called “new farmers” are already being hired out to those farmers who did not get them on a commercial basis. The diesel and petrol given to our new farmers has already found its way onto the black market. If you don’t believe me, take a drive to farming areas like Mhangura and for $100 000 000 you can pick up a drum of diesel without any problems.

Fertiliser is being sold for anything from $3 000 000 per bag in broad daylight. And these are the same people being expected to produce the “mother of all farming seasons”?

Give back the farms to their original owners and see the whole countryside turn green.

People do not eat political rhetoric.

Masawi Munyanyi

By e-mail.

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