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MDC must practise what it preaches

THE state of the Zimbabwean opposition forces shows us that nothing will change in Zimbabwe unless people change their behaviour.

The situation in the ruling party shows us that nothing will work for Zimbabwe unless we have a win

-win outcome in the next election. There is a strong case for reflection across the political divide and listening to each other. Leaders should never take people for granted.

The on-going internal squabbles over the dissolution of the MDC women’s Assembly and the Ephraim Tapa-led UK and Ireland leadership has been characterised by what other members have called abuse of power.

The allegation of under-performance has not been substantiated yet, at least in the eyes of the outsiders.

However, one would have thought that if Lucia Matibenga was under-performing she needed to be supported by way of extra training and performance management. If she was corrupt then the members needed to know and then brought to book.

Dissolving the MDC women’s assembly is tantamount to sweeping things under the carpet. What accountability and transparency is the MDC government talking about then? This is not the democracy the MDC preaches.

It will be fair to say the performance of other various portfolios of the MDC have not been very impressive either, although the usual defence would be that, it is because of Zanu PF that certain party organs are failing to do their work. It is true that the same women’s assembly is operating in the same environment of Aippa and Posa.

The people of Zimbabwe are capable of seeing who is indicating right while turning left, and who is speaking their language of hope honestly, and more importantly who has the right track record and experience.

It is therefore very important for the press to start profiling these prospective leaders and interview them so that we know what they think, their vision for Zimbabwe.

Everyone has got strengths and weaknesses so respective media houses should help us with more information. It is not enough to report about names without character.

Please, the media must inform us before it is too late.

Msekiwa Makwanya,


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