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Zimbabwean women worse off

By Thokozani Khupe

AS the national crisis continues to take a bungee jump, Zimbabwean women are worse off than they were before the regime’s pastime to sleep on du

ty gravitated into this deep slumber.

Women, children, orphans, the aged, the disabled and child-headed families are the ultimate victims of a regime that has lost the compass to steer the nation to the calm waters of economic stability, affordable food prices, good health care and education.

Our nationwide campaign with the gospel of change has taken the MDC leadership to the remotest of rural areas.

Even in the urban areas, the story is the same.

It is the same story of women struggling to send their children to school; women waking up to find they have nothing to give their dying child; women at the market stalls vending all sorts of commodities for the sake of their children.

When we start afresh as a nation, we must put the woman at the forefront; not the woman in her individually ambitious sense, but the woman as the embodiment of the collective spirit of the legitimate struggle we are waging.

* Thokozani Khupe is the vice- president of the MDC faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

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