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MDC must grasp this moment to unite

By Frank Matandirotya

THE first principle of public office is that the incumbent holds it in trust for the public. A leader is not supposed to consort with political cro

oks and when confronted, to lie, prevaricate and to play politics.

When Morgan Tsvangirai announced the dissolution of the Lucia Matibenga-led women’s assembly of the MDC he made few friends within the party. Party cadres condemned the move.

The MDC has travelled a journey littered with thorns since 1999. Therefore the conduct and ethos of the party leaders and how they relate to the followers is a fundamental aspect we should consider during these dark days.

That the mainstream MDC led by Tsvangirai is a party in a state of disorder today is not questionable because of the Matibenga issue. Alliances have been shifting between party members as mudslinging, character assassination and dirty tricks now abound.

Today the party is on the slope to destruction because of that fundamental assault on the women’s assembly. Ideological inflexibility coupled with self-interest is encouraging intolerance between the party leaders, and those at the top consequently resort to the most hardline and violent methods in dealing with opponents. But this state of affairs cannot last.

All politics is a negotiation. It goes without saying that if you set your price too high or walk away too soon you could miss out on a great deal. it is equally self-evident that if you set your price too low you will fall out too cheaply.

A lot of Zimbabweans were maimed, had property destroyed, killed, lost loved ones, and now we have this before a very crucial election. We deserve better from our leaders.

At a time when the MDC is looking to its future and leadership of the country we must disown leadership that is remote, insecure and centralising and struggles for posts.

The MDC should instead grasp the moment of these troubling times to prepare for elections next year, and to unite the people despite their differences.

* Matandirotya is a member of the Tsvangirai faction.

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