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Why Zanu PF wants to abolish executive mayors

IT does not need a scientific microscope to learn the motive of the paranoid regime’s resolution to dissolve the posts of executive mayors.

As is the common culture of Zanu PF to try by all efforts to defend the obvioulsy i

ndefensible, now it is the sitting power between the town clerk and the executive mayors and implementation of proven barren government policies.

Surely for Minister Ignatious Chombo with his doctrate in the wardrobe to think that the urban majority will believe this could be a cruel underestimation of their analytical abilities as the following obvious factors have given birth to the resolution.

* The ruling party is scared of an imminent embarrasing defeat if the elections are held. Who is comfortable with sky rocketing bills of unavailable water? Worse still, the water is unhealthy for human consumption when available. Who is comfortable with daily sights of sewerage floods? Who is comfortable with mountains of uncollected refuse and precarious craters on our roads?

* As the ruling party is bankrupt with no meaningful sympathisers besides kraal heads and headmen, there is a strong need to consolidate its grip on council affairs with the control of revenues being prominent. Most Zanu PF chefs have unscrupulously contracted their private companies to the councils using the influence of their offices. In the event that the opposition holds influential posts like that of executive mayors, retaining these contracts won through fraudulent means will be extremely difficult.

* With victory for the opposition as obvious as the rising of the sun each day, for the ruling party to campaign for the election of their candidates will be like sowing seeds on a rock then expecting to harvest. The abolishment is just sour grapes.

* Fear of exposure of malpractices and incompetence is also another factor as to why Zany PF won’t hand over the control of councils to the opposition. It is not surprising that Chombo admitted that there has never been efficiency in administration of councils since 1995. And who has been running these councils beside Zanu PF? Why can’t they now try fresh blood as is the will of ratepayers by giving the opposition a chance to prove their mettle.

* How can a ruling party feel comfortable controlling gullible and subservient rural and growth point councillors, chiefs, headmen and kraal heads when the opposition deals with industrialists, the investors and intellectuals? Surely it does not need a rocket professor to explain to us which party deserves respect in as far as the economy of the country is concerned.

Makanyisa Wacho,


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