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More to these zeros than meets the eye

WITH our world-record rate of inflation we have become cavalier about all the zeros attached to our worthless currency. For instance, we tend to talk quite blithely about millions, billions and, now, even trillions trip off the tongue as though a daily occurre

nce. The principal organ of state propaganda, the Herald, often trumpets trillion-dollar budgets, as though these were some sort of great achievement on the part of its lord and master, the government!

So, then, it comes as a shock to realise the following facts. One million seconds equates to a mere 11,5 days; a billion seconds leaps to 31,7 years and a trillion is a mind-boggling 31 700 years, or nearly 32 millennia.

And this is what Zanu PF has casually done to our once respectable currency in less than three decades. Shame on them.

Peter Lovemore,


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