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High Court bars Mutasa from interfering with Rydings school

Constantine Chimakure

THE High Court has interdicted Minister of State for National Security and Lands Didymus Mutasa, his lawyer Gerald Mlotshwa and businessman Themba

Mliswa from interfering with the administration, assets and programmes of Rydings Primary School in Karoi.

Mutasa in August designated a farm on which the school is built and allocated it to Mlotshwa, who in turn appointed Mliswa as chairman of the school’s board of governors.

This irked the school’s board of trustees led by Richard Chimuka, which then filed a High Court application in September seeking a provisional order compelling Mutasa to set aside the notice of acquisition of Rydings of Enthorpe Farm and its allocation to Mlosthwa.

High Court Judge Justice Susan Mavangira recently granted a relief order to the trustees saying Mutasa, Mlotshwa and Mliswa should not interfere “with the administration, assets and programmes of Rydings School in any manner whatsoever”.

Mavangira advised Mutasa, Mlotshwa and Mliswa that if they intended to oppose the confirmation of the provisional order, they must file a notice of opposition, together with one or more opposing affidavits with the registrar of the High Court.

“If you do not file an opposing affidavit within the period specified above, this matter will be set down for hearing in the High Court at Harare without further notice to you and will be dealt with as an unopposed application for confirmation of the provisional order,” Mavangira said.

The Zimbabwe Independent reported in September that Mutasa on August 18 allocated Rydings of Enthorpe Farm to Mlotswa under the commercial scheme of the land reform programme that commenced in February 2000.

The move was hotly opposed by parents who wrote a petition to President Robert Mugabe seeking his intervention.

The parents appealed to Mugabe to “take whatever action you deem appropriate” in order to ensure that the school continues to function for the benefit of pupils and the community.

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