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Zanu PF must stop lying: Zvinavashe

Constantine Chimakure

RETIRED army general Vitalis Zvinavashe recently accused Zanu PF and government leaders of lying on political and economic developments in the coun

try, saying Zimbabwe will not come out of the woods if its rulers are dishonest.

Impeccable sources in the ruling party said Zvinavashe told the politburo on September 5 that Zimbabwe’s greatest undoing was its untruthful leaders.

The former war veteran reportedly said the biggest problem was that Zanu PF and government leaders now believed their own lies.

Zvinavashe, the sources said, blasted party and government leaders over the July price blitz that saw wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers forced to reduce prices of goods and services by half.

The price war resulted in acute shortages of mainly basic commodities and a marked rise in black market trading.

Zvinavashe, a member of the powerful politburo chaired by President Robert Mugabe, reportedly said government lied that the blitz would see prices of goods and service going down.

“Speaking in Shona, Zvinavashe said on the contrary, prices of goods and services were now way beyond the reach of the majority of people. He called Zanu PF officials liars,” one of the sources said.

The Gutu senator reportedly accused the party and government of also lying that the current political and economic crisis was a result of declared and undeclared sanctions by the United States, Britain and its allies in the European Union.

He reportedly said it was also a lie by the government that the opposition MDC was a stooge of the West.

He reportedly said Zimbabwe’s problems were a result of lying, poor planning and implementation of unsound policies by government.

“The former army general said for Zimbabwe to overcome its problems, its leaders should stop deceiving the people and tell the truth. He said once the truth is known, the country will be able to find solutions to the current crisis,” another source said.

Zvinavashe, the sources said, was supported by another retired army general, Solomon Mujuru, who reportedly told Mugabe that he was being fed lies that he intended to topple him.

Mujuru reportedly said people who were not honest and truthful surrounded Mugabe.Mujuru was quoted as saying: “Chef, people lie to you. They come to you and say I want to topple you.”

Mujuru reportedly leads one of the two Zanu PF camps fighting to succeed Mugabe. Rural and Social Amenities minister Emmerson Mnangagwa heads the other faction.

Zvinavashe reportedly belongs to the Mujuru camp.

He recently implored the government to stop financing new farmers, especially those allocated land under the A2 model (commercial farming), arguing they applied for land and were allocated after claiming they had their own resources.

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