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Zim slips further in ratings

Itai Mushekwe

ZIMBABWE, already suffering from increased international ostracism, continues to entrench itself in the league of rogue states following the release last week of the Failed States Index (FSI) by the United States-based international organisation, Fund for Pe


According to the latest FSI rankings, Zimbabwe has dropped 10 places from number 15 last year to fifth position with a total score of 108,9 points.

The country joins warnravaged states such as Sudan, which tops the rankings at 112,3 points. The Democratic Republic of Congo has been placed second, while Ivory Coast and Iraq are third and fourth respectively.

This ranking for Zimbabwe comes hard on the heels of the Transparency International corruption perception index (CPI) placing it at number 117, in the same league with Ukraine, Belarus, Eritrea and Kazakhstan.

Countries ranked below Zimbabwe and completing the top 10 list of pariah states in their chronology are Chad, Somalia, Haiti, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

 Contacted for comment in relation to the CPI ranking, Anti-Corruption minister Paul Mangwana said he had no comment because he was not aware of the corruption index.

“I’ve not seen that index so I can’t give a comment in that context,” said Mangwana.

Asked about what the Anti-Corruption Commission was doing about the looting of farm equipment by high-profile ministers in Manicaland, the minister said the press report did not contain sufficient detail.

“But nonetheless the commission would take it up,” Mangwana said.

The FSI is drawn up using 12 indicators, which, among others, include mounting demographic pressure, chronic and sustained human flight, sharp and/or severe economic decline, widespread violation of human rights, and the rise of fictionalised (??) elites and security apparatus.

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