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Zanu PF crusader blasts Christians

Constantine Chimakure

FORMER Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial treasurer Jimayi Muduvuri has launched a controversial pro-ruling party campaign that vilifies Chri

stians who support opposition parties.

In an advertisement in the Herald yesterday, Muduvuri said he was sponsoring the Heal Zimbabwe Campaign whose main theme is that “Christians who support opposition parties were practising false religion”.

The theme was taken from a booklet of the same title created by television soap, Small House Saga, writer Collins Mazivofa Mukosi. Making reference to chapters in the bible, the advertisement said the first opposition leader in the universe was Lucifer and should, therefore, not be followed by Christians.

“If the system of opposition was started by Lucifer, then it means there’s a spirit of ‘Luciferness’ in all opposition parties in the world over,” read the advertisement.

“Voting for an opposition party is like voting for Satan.”

The campaign claimed that there was no democracy in heaven.

“If democracy is such a good system why did they reject it in heaven?” questioned the advertisement making reference to Revelations 12. The campaign asked Christians to be wary of words beginning with the letter D such as devil, divorce, death and democracy.

“Let every person be subjective to governing authorities for there’s no authority except from God,” added the advertisement.

The Muduvuri-sponsored campaign is expected to spread throughout the country ahead of next year’s elections.

“Pastors, conferences on this campaign are coming to your towns soon. Watch the press for details because you are all invited for an explanation on this wonderful revelation,” read the advertisement.

Muduvuri is not new to controversy.

During the countdown to Zanu PF’s primary parliamentary elections in December 2004, he reportedly bought bras, panties, petticoats and shoes in a bid to garner support from female voters.

Muduvuri was also accused by rival Ishmael Mutema of unleashing an orgy of violence and barring residents from attending his rivals’ rallies.

Mutema claimed that the Macsherp Holdings owner had a terror gang called the “Top 11” that was barricading roads and preventing rival Zanu PF supporters from attending meetings.

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