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Govt using sanctions to cover up for failures’

GOVERNMENT has been accused of using so-called Western sanctions as an excuse for its failure to address the country’s economic problems, the Zimbabwe Independent heard this week.

MDC spokesman for Finance Tapiwa Mas

hakada said government should involve all stakeholders in seeking to address key macro-economic fundamentals which are a sine qua non of a stable economy.

Presenting his motion on price controls in parliament on Tuesday, Mashakada said government was pursuing “narrow, populist, experimental, adventuristic and ad-hoc policies which kill the goose that lays the golden egg”.

He also said last week’s presidential decree freezing salaries and prices of goods and services would only make the majority of people already living under the poverty datum line worse off in the face of escalating prices.

He said the government’s revenue base from taxes had shrunk by an estimated 65% following the introduction of price controls which saw companies scaling down their operations, some relocating to South Africa, others closing down and retrenching labour.

Transport shortages and long queues of local, rural and inter-city commuters, loss of man-hours and productivity, and a thriving black market for scarce basic commodities also emerged.

Mashakada’s presentation which proffered practical solutions to current economic challenges was however continuously interrupted by ruling Zanu PF legislators who despite acknowledging the problems, blamed everything on sanctions allegedly called for by the opposition MDC.

Instead of considering suggested solutions, the debate degenerated into harsh words between the two party camps centred on sanctions.

In his motion, Mashakada urged the House to act and stop the Task Force on Price Monitoring and Stabilisation from carrying on with its exercise because it had caused more harm than good to the people of Zimbabwe. — Staff Writer.

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