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Your story exaggerated damage

I REFER to your story titled “Presenter inflicts $100m damage on equipment” (Independent, September 5) which made a number of false claims.

lvetica, sans-serif”>It is totally false to claim that the cost of damage was worth more than $100m. In fact, if you had cared to check your facts, you would have established that the damage was very minor and our engineers have since rectified the problem.

It is very clear that the major aim of your story was to erroneously portray ZBC as cash-strapped. This is clearly revealed by your deliberate exaggeration of this unfortunate incident without bothering to seek comment from the public relations department in spite of your own confession in the story that SFM manager O’Brien Rwafa referred questions to ZBC spokesperson Mrs Loveness Chikozho.

ZBC would also like to set the record straight pertaining to its economic status. For the past six months, we have achieved full subscription by advertisers on all our channels.

Loveness Chikozho,

ZBC public relations


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