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Which ‘D’ have we plunged to?

AS with the biblical story of the prodigal son, our nation started off on a high note with a great inheritance which it then frivolously squandered before losing all wealth and pride.

Which level have we plunged to, for all downfalls descend seven steps?

First step: Desire (thought embraced);

Second step: Decision (action taken – good or bad);

Third step: Deceit (were fooled or fooled others);

Fourth step: Denial (will not admit a problem or a blunder made);

Fifth step: Delusion (living a lie or fantasy);

Sixth step: Drought (shortages/lacking/famine); and

Seventh step: Desperation (nowhere to turn).

When down to the seventh step, one is either forced to humbly call out to those one rejected by the first and second steps or forced to turn fully to God, with humility and repentance and plead for forgiveness, mercy, wisdom and grace!

The choice is ours – may we choose rightly.

Ashley Leyer,


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