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We’re really grateful

THE MDC expresses its gratitude to the people of Zimbabwe for coming out to vote during the just-ended rural district council elections.

The party is conscious of the immense economic burden associated with hunger and starvation

which the people of Zimbabwe are enduring as a result of a crisis of misgovernance and corruption in the country caused by Zanu PF and the Mugabe government.

The MDC is also mindful of the threats of violence and threats of denial of state-supplied agricultural inputs and food assistance that the people of Zimbabwe were subjected to by Zanu PF during the election campaign.

Inspite of all these pressures the people of Zimbabwe were still able to come out to vote for their preferred candidates. For this we salute them for their courage and resilience.

Notwithstanding the uneven electoral playing field which favours the ruling party, the MDC is pleased with the party’s performance which saw it win in 45 contested wards.

We note that the Tsvangirai group won in 35 contested wards and congratulate them for their efforts and victories.

We hope that these results will put to rest the lie peddled since the split of the MDC that the Tsvangirai group is the legitimate MDC and that it is the dominant wing of the party with grassroots support while we have been branded as lacking in grassroots support.

We hope and pray that we have heard the last of the false, prejudiced and malicious claims that we are a splinter group with no grassroots support.

The truth of the matter is that in this national election we won more contested seats than the other half of the MDC which has been falsely described as the main MDC, dominant MDC or legitimate MDC.

The MDC is also pleased with its improved performance in light of the statistics which show that in the 2003 rural district council elections the united MDC managed to win no more than 15 wards throughout the whole country.

We as the MDC strongly believe that our concern should be to come up with strategies of dislodging the Zanu PF-led regime and rescue the people of Zimbabwe from starvation, hunger and dehumanising abuses.

This can only be achieved if the obsession with figures and numbers by the opposition give way to the sober realities on the ground.

We recognise that there is still a lot of work ahead in removing the corrupt and dictatorial regime of Zanu PF, and to that extent, we as a party are prepared to go the extra mile in our struggle against the regime.

Paul Themba Nyathi,

MDC director of elections.

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