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We are surviving by the grace of God

THE executive in senile Mugabe, the arm-twisted judiciary and the belittled and mesmerised legislature are all in a terrible muddle.

, sans-serif”>Mugabe is however not at all at the helm now but rather at the fiery hottest and deepest end of it all.

It does look like his flock of cronies is not at all prepared to rescue him but is only interested in feathering its nests.

My own analysis of the Zanu PF fiasco of breeding lawlessness meant partly to ease their land-grabbing, as their greed surpasses imagined heights, is that it leaves us with but one sound resolve – that of gleefully watching the moribund Zanu PF monster crumble into oblivion as predicted by none other than “Johnny The Moyo” about a decade or so back. It is all unfolding and no-one will bail them out this time round.

As a poor but typically resilient teacher, for some good old years, my family today survive by the grace of the Lord, unamused by my presidentially-publicised civil service salary to be effected in July which rampant inflation will have eroded then, leaving the poor fiscus void.

Zimbabweans should have nothing to fear anymore but God, for that which we feared most in this land is just on the verge of self-termination.

My conviction is that expressed by US Secretary of State Colin Powell (surprisingly somewhat clearly quoted in the Herald, June 26), that Zimbabwe will take its place among the progressive states, but if and only if the people of this land have spoken through democratically transparent means – the ballot. It can not be long from now.

Mange Ndebele,


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