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Under the yoke of petticoat government

THE Zanu PF government’s support for rampant feminism is cause for concern. It is indeed a petticoat government pandering to the whims of women. This populist posturing is meant to project the Ta

liban government as a women-friendly regime. Women’s groups insist that non-working women should be considered as contributing to the family income through unpaid domestic work.

This argument is used to justify the 50/50 sharing of matrimonial assets in the event of a divorce. But it is common knowledge that today’s non-working women are lazy and insist on getting a maid – paid by the wife’s long-suffering beast of burden, the husband. So the woman contributes absolutely nothing towards the family income, except following township gossip and enjoying herself at morally decadent baby showers.

But even if domestic work were to be factored in as a contribution towards the family income, the market rate for domestic work would not come anywhere near the 50% that the courts award to women in divorce cases.

The fair thing to do is to calculate each party’s contribution to the family assets and divide the same accordingly.

Domestic work only contributes close to 50% of the family income where like in the olden days the wife is in the rural areas supplementing the starvation wages the man gets in town. But our biased laws always favour women, hence divorce, like maintenance, has become a gold mine for our women. The same is true of the notorious feminist-inspired inheritance laws.

A childless surviving spouse who contributed nothing to the acquisition of family property inherits practically everything ahead of surviving children from a previous marriage, in line with our new feminists-crafted inheritance laws. So modern women profit from having children out of wedlock, through maintenance, profit from divorcing their husbands and from the death of their husbands. All these benefits are thanks to a petticoat government and noisy women’s organisations.

These morally reprehensible ways of earning money promote laziness and loose morals in our women, thereby making them lose respect in the eyes of society. Men in charge of the media who are intimidated by our wily self-serving feminists stifle critical debate on these issues.

Cannisius Sakupwanya,

Warren Park 1.

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