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Punish candidates for the mess

WE always know when elections are upon us just by noting the enormous number of posters pasted indiscriminately all over public and private properties in contravention of local by-laws and good e

nvironmental caring practices.

The candidates and their parties show no respect for either the environment or for the by-laws prohibiting the practice, but want us to vote for them!

If these arrogant, ignorant individuals show such disregard for the environment and contempt for the by-laws, how can we expect them to be honourable in any other matter?

Voters are therefore advised, in their best interests, not to vote for the offending individuals or their parties.

The municipality, of course, should not only heavily fine each miscreant for each misplaced poster as a littering offence, but also charge them for cleaning up the mess, the same applying to graffiti.

But we all know from past experience and by the ever-expanding plethora of bill boards and lighting standard advertising that the Harare municipality has no respect for either the environment or amenities. Neither does it for its own by-laws or safety issues relating to traffic. It certainly does not act in the best interests of the ratepayers!

M Leppard,


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