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Mugabe the first and worst puppet

IT is time President Robert Mugabe abandoned his puppet-bashing crusade – if he has not gotten addicted beyond redemption already, of course. He is the first and worst puppet.


Mugabe’s rule since 1980 fits in well with the Webster’s dictionary definition of puppet: “One whose acts are controlled by an outside force or influence.”

He attended the Lancaster House conference to represent the interests, dreams and aspirations of Zimbabwe’s majority. He returned with a compromise document, one heavily entrenched with principles too alien for Zimbabwe’s political survival.

Great nations like the United States are founded on strong constitutions. Had Mugabe the vision for a stable, independent and democratic Zimbabwe, he wouldn’t have accepted those compromises. He would have insisted on a constitution that would have become Zimbabwe’s foundation.

The bottom line is, a constitution that reconciles all the people and promotes multi-party politics, while providing the fodder for economic growth.

Mugabe simply wanted the world to hail him as the man who stopped a brutal war and reconciled his people. Had Mugabe not sought personal glory and steadfastly insisted on a picture with a domestic face, the other interests on the bargaining table at Lancaster House would have easily been won over.

They had no choice; we had choked out of them all the energy for a protracted bout in the ring.

Then Mugabe became a puppet of his “other self”, the power-obsessed man, relegating our future to the sidelines. He and his cronies gang-raped the already defective Lancaster House constitution to incorporate this other self’s short-lived, one-party state ambitions and entrench his power.

Now Mugabe is the beloved puppet of his cronies and supporters, a minority of the population. In his name, they plunder our resources every day. In his name, criminal gangs like Chipangano and the Green Bombers rape and terrorise our mothers and sisters in broad daylight.

The police, military and secret services compete in an orgy of violence on the opposition and journalists, all in the name of the almighty Robert Mugabe. Newspapers are closed on trumped-up charges.

If there is a better example of a puppet, please let me know.

Obert Ronald Madondo,



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