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Mugabe should be punished despite old age

ON Thursday last week I heard a rumour for the first time – although I believe it has been doing the rounds for some months now.

It is to the effect that the reas

on President Robert Mugabe gives 2004 as the magical year in which he intends to retire is because he will be 80 and is under the impression that his age will protect him from any possible prosecution for human rights and other abuses.

He should be reminded of how the Nazis have been hunted down and flushed out from their hiding places around the world even after 40 and more years.

At times even very old men of 80 and more years have had to face prosecution and trial for their parts in war crimes against the Jews.

Mugabe’s crimes are no less criminal and inhumane and he must not be allowed to get away without being brought to book and punished for them.

He is happy to liken himself to Adolf Hitler – even to the silly moustache.

Let him either take the consequences that Hitler’s henchmen faced, or take Hitler’s way out.

Somehow I don’t see him taking the latter course.

We can wait and see.

Observer on the sidelines,


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