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MEd students allege terror at UZ

WE enrolled with the University of Zimbabwe in February 2005 and sat for our first semester exams in May/June of the same year.

Results were published during the mid-year break. We resumed studies in August 2005 and sat for our

second semester exams in November/December 2005.

Drama started to unfold this year when results were out and about to be published. Results from all other departments in the Faculty of Education were published except those for Educational Management.

We tried to find out the reason as there was no official communication. But rumour was that our results were being withheld due to some irregularities.

We were summoned to the UZ by one A Nyamunokora by telephone and each one of us appeared individually before a panel of all chairpersons of departments in the Faculty of Education.

The dean in the faculty, Chipo Dyanda headed the panel. From the questions and issues they raised, it was not clear whether they were investigating an exam paper leak or attempts to solicit exam papers.

The hearing was characterised by threats, verbal abuse, violation of human rights, degradation and gross disrespect of personal privacy and freedom of association. This was further compounded by the summoning of students by the ZRP Serious Fraud Section which has confused us because we have failed to link UZ academic affairs and this arm of the police.

We were then asked to resubmit our course work assignments to the same Nyamunokora who told us this was being done to scrutinise our work.

We also understand that lecturers in the Educational Management department were asked to form a committee to assist Dyanda headed by one Dr Kapfundo.

The committee’s terms of reference were to scrutinise our exam scripts in order to check for evidence of the allegations. We also understand that the committee found no irregularities in the exam scripts and said they saw nothing abnormal.

Dyanda did not take the committee’s recommendations purporting that the lecturers were interested parties. Consequently, the lecturers and students were warned not to speak to one another and their phones were subsequently bugged.

Up to now there are no results for MEd (Ed Management), a programme we should have completed by now. No one is communicating with us. If we visit the UZ we are referred from one office to the other with each one professing ignorance of the whole issue.

As students we are very worried, stressed and frustrated.

UZ Master in Education (Educational Management) students.

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