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MDC hijacked by employees

I THINK I am happy and must appreciate the manner in which you have reported and tried to balance your news in the national interest. You have also tried to do away with the domination of Zanu PF and help the opposition MDC by reporting s

ome truths.

This has helped the struggle of Zimbabweans. But there is one important thing I think you must think about. If it were not for how the MDC is led Zimbabwe would be free by now. But we are stuck here and it looks like we will be stuck for some time.

What I request you to do is not to kill the MDC by not telling them that they are doing things wrong and that they are costing the people of Zimbabwe their freedom. A small group of people in the MDC who call themselves Morgan Tsvangirai’s advisors advise him wrongly most of the times.

They get money from donors to organise people against the Mugabe regime but spend that money badly. This is not politicking but reality. You may investigate this and see for yourselves how the party can remove Mugabe under such conditions. They call small meetings of their friends and teachers every day and call this the party structures.

The group is unelected and they claim that they are technical. We do not see what technical work they are doing.

Every day there are small meetings in Harare at the party’s HQ. Can Harare alone save Zimbabwe? The party has been hijacked by employees and will never rule this country under the current set up. If you the media ignore this then all of us will continue to suffer.

I think we have to blame the media for failing to investigate the MDC’s activities. The truth is that if the MDC is not put back on track I see things getting out of hand. Yes, Mugabe will go but the MDC will not take over.

We need to see what’s in the centre!



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