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Let down by the media

IT is said that the media is the voice of the voiceless. This certainly is not true regarding the deafening silence of the media on the plight of students at Solusi University.

a, sans-serif”>Students at Solusi have no voice. It is amazing how the world tends to be blindfolded in the face of students languishing in abject misery and untold suffering.

Problems of a prescribed unhealthy cabbage diet, poor accommodation, exorbitant charges on any service are not a fantasy by students. These are a reality which can be observed and proved.

The level of discontent amongst students at Solusi has been under an iron muzzle for years and those who want to speak are threatened with expulsion. The administration at Solusi University is capitalising on student poverty.

One wonders whether the approach used by Norman Maphosa is reflective of any Christian thinking. His speech at the recent graduation ceremony showed how disgraced Solusi is to have such an inconsiderate leader.

I appeal, through your most respected paper, to the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Health, that the plight of students at Solusi be investigated. Students need their rights which Maphosa single-handedly flushed down the sewer like rotten eggs.

Departments to be investigated include finance, hygienic standards at the cafeteria and accommodation.

May the world please do something about the situation at Solusi. We are human beings who deserve to be treated in a humane way.

Where is the Christian world as this rot threatens the heart of Christian morals?

Please, save us. We have suffered enough.

Silent Tayaura,

Solusi University.

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