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Kanengoni a myth-maker

HAS Alexander Kanengoni managed, courtesy of your columns (Independent, October 10) to get away with one of the biggest myths of all time?

vetica, sans-serif”>He claimed that the draft of the proposed constitution in 2000 contained a clause that prevented any incumbent from serving more than two terms.

That would have excluded President Mugabe from a further term, he asserted. If Zimbabweans had approved the draft in the February 2000 referendum, he claims, Mugabe would no longer be president.

This is of course nonsense. Yes, the constitutional commission’s outreach programme did receive overwhelming public opposition to an incumbent serving more than two terms and this was included in the first draft. But the commission’s executive committee headed by Justice Chidyausiku and including Emmerson Mnangagwa and Ibbo Mandaza, amended it to prevent any future incumbent from serving two terms. In other words

Mugabe would still be president.



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