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Help Zesa and stop insulting our intelligence, Gideon!

HAS central bank governor Gideon Gono lost his mind?

How dare he publishes a pathetic supplement — in cartoon form — costing a huge amount of cash, when this country is so broke?

Firstly, the car

toon-type supplement was an insult to our intelligence.

Those of us who can afford to buy the papers do not need this type of graphic message to tell us how broke the country is. Those who need the graphic-type messages live in the rural areas where they never see a newspaper. We are neither stupid nor uneducated.

Our stupidity could be putting up with this mess for so long without doing something about it!

In this day and age when we have constant water and electricity shortages, and there is virtually no fuel in the country except on the black market, how dare the Reserve Bank wastes valuable money on such a stupid, pathetic supplement?

Presently, the majority of teenagers in this country are writing the most important examinations of their lives and last week alone my children came home to no cooked supper as electricity goes off before 6pm only to come on after 8pm.

Even getting up early in the morning to have a decent breakfast has not worked as the electricity goes off before 6am and only comes on after they have gone to school.

My plea to Mr Gono is: get your act together, procure some spares for Zesa and stop insulting our intelligence.

IN Darke,


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