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Give us online versions daily

WITH the George W Bush/Thabo Mbeki quiet diplomacy being flouted by President Mugabe in several outrageous ways (WFP interference and the closure of Daily News), and with the quasi-muzzling of th

e Financial Gazette some time ago through a takeover, it may be time for the Zimbabwe Independent and the Standard to go daily. If printing daily is too costly or risky, then do it on an online basis on the Web.

OK, only the elite will have access, but maybe they can pass on major news to the masses through word of mouth and other methods; and the two weeklies can summarise all the stories covered.

At least then there will be a daily riposte to the insanities of this incompetent dictator and his lackeys who are too cowardly and ineffectual to displace him by whatever means necessary.

Alex Weir,


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