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An unpopular govt standing on shaky ground

THEY started with Joy TV. After resting for a while, they woke up and pounced on the Daily News.

The enemies of freedom, the enemies of things so many loved and g

lorified and died for are surely forging ahead with entrenching their rule. This time around their job was made easier.

Jonathan Moyo only took out Aippa, held it with both hands and waited. When the crunch came, he conquered.

To him it does not matter if he uses repressive laws heavily loaded in favour of his party’s selfish interests.

Regrettably, our people are not mobilising to send Zanu PF to its grave as must surely happen. As a result, an important question arises: “Is Zanu PF getting away with it? Why?”

Because more than five months after staging a “bloodless coup”, removing a “democratically elected” mayor of Harare, they are still ruling; more than a year after conducting a “daylight robbery” during the presidential election they are still in power; and even worse, more than three years after first embarking on a land scam which has deformed our economy, they are still in control.

And now it is the Daily News.

For those of us who cannot stand the lies peddled by the ZBC, the Daily News had become our daily bread. Telling it like it is, we read it every single day guided by a growing concern about how a country that had rung with shouts of joy and jubilation is being destroyed.

Its closure comes as a savage attack on press freedom which is a characteristic of the evil workings of a brutal, ruthless and selfish dictatorship operating in full swing.

Indeed, what must be of concern to everyone is that the powers of darkness appear to be closing in on us “while we are lying supinely on our backs hugging the delusive phantom of hope until they would have bound us hand and foot”.

Unconcerned by a chorus of disapproval, dead to all voices of reason, those in Zanu PF are prepared to work day and night until they create a Zimbabwe they want: A one-party state where everyone reads the same newspaper, listens to the same radio station, wears the same school uniform and, more importantly, a nation in which everyone becomes a peasant farmer after hearing shouts of “The land is the economy and the economy is land”.

One may ask why all this is being allowed to happen: is it that “we are weak and unable to cope with so formidable an adversary? But when shall we be stronger? Next week or next year? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction?”

Zimbabweans ought to know that, like many evils perpetrated by Zanu PF, the abuse of the Daily News emanates from one thing – the formation of the MDC.

It has been made clear that more than any of Mugabe’s previous opponents – Ian Smith or Abel Muzorewa or even Edgar Tekere — Morgan Tsvangirai has given the president far more sleepless nights.

Consequently, the stoppage of the paper’s production is part of an on-going process to punish urban dwellers that constituted the majority of the paper’s readership and can be traced back to them receiving painful and terrible lashings from the army and green-bombers for voting for the opposition in enormous numbers.

Their latest action has little to do with registration and more to do with obscuring the truth so as to cover a multitude of sins. And only that is expected from an unpopular government standing on shaky ground crowded by people threatened with a lifetime of sorrows and great torment due to its bizarre policies.

Clemence Manyukwe,


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