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Africa’s living legends

YOUR paper said it all in an article titled “Talks: Zim can learn from SA”, (Independent, August 22).

If I had to say a

ny last words before I die, I would urge Zimbabweans to learn from the South African story.

A man who cannot say “Ladies and gentlemen I am sorry” when he is supposed to, is not fit to be called a lady or a gentleman himself!

FW de Klerk still had the military might of the “republic” behind him but he chose to listen to the voice of conscience, the rather soft and gentle whispering voice!

FW de Klerk, “Big up on your chest!” You are a living hero in our midst!

Nelson Mandela could have come out of jail breathing fire and spitting venom at all those who remained behind invading his lovely wife Winnie, etc! He didn’t!

He could have hung on to “sweet, sweet power” to compensate for the “lost 27 years” in jail. But he decided to elevate himself to the honourable status of grandpa in order to set a good precedent for the next generations!

To Nelson Mandela, with tears in my eyes, I also say, “Big up on your chest!” I am privileged to be able to send my humble eulogy while you are still among us!

I ask all those who can to convey our humble appreciation to these two former presidents of the Republic of South Africa who are the living legends Africa will never forget!

I join all who have failed to find words to describe your high moral qualities!

For loss of words, as we Rasta people say, “Big up on your chest!”

Mufaro S Hove,


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