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Where are chefs’ children?

WE Zimbabweans are without souls. Whatever our excuses, why are we so docile? We are asked to fight each other, rape our own daughters and children, dehumanise everyone, etc.

sans-serif”>For a country so full of educated people, it appears education has done nothing for us. Next time you are at a Border Gezi Training camp ask where the chefs’ sons and daughters are while you get abused.

Those who blame the MDC for a low turnout at elections have been so comfortable in their low-density suburbs and turned a blind eye to the torture, intimidation and fear surrounding them.

Those who blame the MDC should be supporting it for keeping the lights burning before we retrace our steps to the Dark Continent.

For those in South Africa who still support the status quo, it’s coming to you too sooner rather than later – racism, intimidation, the killing of white farmers, etc.

I would also like to ask the foot soldiers of farm invasions what is happening to them now that the chefs are allocating themselves prime land?

The MDC should clearly state that the land will be taken back before a properly commissioned, apolitical land commission is convened to fairly redistribute the land. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans of all colours and not for Zanu PF. Pasi nekukara.

Hakuna Usingafi,


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