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Time for Chapfika to get real

ALLOW me to comment on a story in a business daily of June 16 which displays the ignorance of David Chapfika, Zanu PF MP, who said there was no need for people to carry huge stakes (sic) of money because of the high degree of sophisticati

on of Zimbabwe’s banking system.

We need to draw Chapfika’s attention to the fact that there are people who do not even have bank accounts; there are companies who will not accept cheques because there are many people in Zimbabwe who are not straight forward and present “rubber cheques”.

Too late, Chapfika, when you have supplied the goods to someone who hasn’t got money in his bank account or even stole the cheque. Where does the sophisticated system come in there?

There are companies I have dealt with for years who have not accepted cheques except from account holders. If one wants to benefit from the discounts available one has to pay in cash and that keeps prices down for people like Chapfika when he calls people in to provide a service where spares are bought from that particular engineering company.

They in turn, can afford to offer a discount because they don’t suffer from bad debts which result from “fly by night customers”.

One more question, Smart Alec, David Chapfika, have you ever been in a supermarket or even at an ATM and been told that the “line is down”? All the sophistication in Zimbabwe will not put that right. What degree do you hold to qualify you to make the “profound” statement you made? How does a man like you get onto parliament’s “finance committee”, let alone be its chairman? That explains some of the problems we face in this land. What we need is a little more sophistication in the running of the country. You cannot judge a country’s degree of sophistication by a moderately up-to-date technology.

Chapfika, are you not sophisticated enough to understand that some people prefer to carry cash and in any case, when there is enough sophistication to be able to purchase a litre or two of fuel or even paraffin to cook with, garages will not accept cheques from just anyone? They want cash!

Come on Chapfika, time to wake up. Get out of dreamland and smell the coffee. This is not the way to make a name for yourself, not even with your boss.

Get Real,


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