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Tame them– kick up a fuss!

PLEASE allow me space to tell readers of an incident concerning newly-issued bearer’s cheques and the sort of reception that my $5000 cheque received at Bakers Inn, one of the divisions of mighty Innscor, a corporation with a sad reputati

on for raising prices seemingly at the drop of a daily hat.

At a Bakers Inn outlet in town, I purchased a small cake for $650 and handed over the bearer’s cheque for $5000 which is legal tender, and I believe the lowest denomination, expecting my change.

The counterhand at first refused to give me change until I pointed out that not to do so was illegal. He called the manager and I explained the situation to him. This individual told me that he would only give me my change if I purchased goods to the value of half the cheque ($2500). I told him that was conditional selling which is also illegal.

I told him I was going to go to Innscor head office to obtain satisfaction whereupon he did the right thing and gave me my change in full.

So readers, if you are tired of being “ripped” off by conglomerates kick up a fuss in public and be heard, it’s one small way to stop them and if we don’t do it, it’ll simply carry on.

My question to Innscor and Bakers Inn is: “Has it become corporate/company policy to treat bearer’s cheques of any value differently from cash, under the guise of conditional selling and thus devaluing them.

Or is it simply profiteering at our expense?”

I invite Innscor and Bakers Inn to reply with a simple, cogent, believeable answer. After all, if bearer’s cheques are to be potentially devalued in the above manner – then perhaps all suppliers will jump on the bandwagon.

ANG (ry),


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