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Revd: We don’t want your god

SO Reverend Edmond Locklear Jnr (Independent, August 8) of the United States has decided to curse Zimbabwe for his own stupidity? Mind-boggling to say the least.

For starters, the good reverend ignores the fact that the people of this nation did not drive him to be so stupid that he fell for a well-publicised 419 scam.

He should take responsibility for his stupidity and not pass the buck on to us as if we held a gun to his head as he handed over money to people he never met.

His gullibility was not caused by this nation which he now curses so foully in his very unchristian letter. Reverend, here’s a word in your ear: Your stupidity has nothing to do with the people of Zimbabwe. The paper you are using as a conduit for your insults and curses has done all it could, publishing the names of the people who defrauded you.

Has it not occurred to the punch-drunk reverend that the names he was given were probably fictitious? And I doubt that the people who defrauded him are Zimbabweans. Simply because they used this country as their address does not make them Zimbabweans.

Reverend, I don’t know what God you worship, but we do not want him in Zimbabwe. The God we know does not curse sons for the sins of their fathers, He does not curse innocent people for the sins of a few rogues in their midst.

He is a compassionate God who urges His people to turn the other cheek, especially if they have landed themselves in trouble through their own folly.

So, Reverend, your God is not our God and your curses will not affect this great nation because God has never let innocent people suffer for something that is not their fault. Accept that you were foolish. Accept that you have nobody to blame but yourself.

This country has given you column inches to pour out scorn and curses on a suffering people. You should be grateful for that. If the names you were given had been genuine, believe me, someone would have come forward to tell you where these criminals live.

The whole matter is not in our hands. Why should we be responsible for your stupidity?

Denford Magora,


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