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Questions on Tsvangirai’s bail

I HAVE a few questions for Justice Susan Mavangira who ruled on the bail application of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai where she arguably delayed “beyond a reasonable time” setting conditions for t

he leader of the main opposition party.

In her judgement she said that the bail conditions were set so high because of the “high inflation rate in Zimbabwe”.

My first question is: Will the inflation rate be taken into account when the money is eventually repaid? Will an inflation-eroded $10 million be repaid?

The least that should be done is to pay it at the rate of interest that could have been earned on the open market.

Second, are judges empowered to decide bail amounts according to the inflation rate or are they bound by the statute books? If they are not free to vary fines, how come they are free to thumb-suck amounts payable for bail?

Credit must go to those who organised the cash, and perhaps it would have been good for it to be paid in small denominations to show how cash-strapped this once thriving nation is.

Cartoonists worldwide could have a field day depicting the situation with huge boxes of cash being carried to the court for counting. Would another method of payment have been accepted or does that not fit into David Chapfika’s profound theory on the sophisticated banking system operating in Zimbabwe?

I might add that every decision taken by the government, and we read something new everyday, shows it shooting itself in the proverbial foot.

Mt Pleasant

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