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Pensioners dying in misery, please help!

DID you know that some pensioners are starving in Zimbabwe? Did you know some pensioners have committed suicide because they could not afford their medical bills?

ace=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Rampant inflation heading towards the 1 000% mark is killing old folk who are on pension in Zimbabwe. A loaf of bread has just topped the $1 000 mark. A great number of pensioners have a monthly income of just $2 000.

Some are buying petfood and bread to survive. Even this is too expensive. Most would perish before asking for charity!

Did you know that one british pound is valued at $3 500 and still climbing, a US$=$2 500+, a NZ$=1 250, an Aussie $=1 500, a rand=$300 and a pula =$350.

Folks, a small pocketful of change can make a huge difference, please help!

A Zimbabwe Pensioners’ Trust has been established. The Trustees are all based in Zimbabwe.

The Pensioners’ Trust is administered by John Legat of Fleming, Martin Asset Management, now known as Imara Asset Management. Other trustees are Tony Barfoot, formerly the chief executive of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, John McPhun, formerly chief executive of Marsh Insurance Brokers and Marion Futter, current chairperson of Fairways Homes.

For our part we have established an international trust account in Botswana for sound financial reasons. We hope this account will be filled by local Zimwanas and also provide a conduit for offshore contributions.

The local trust, kindly set up for us by notable Zimbabweans, John Stevens, Dave Fricker, Doc O Connor (Deloittes & Touche) is known as the “Deloitte & Touche Zimbabwe Fund”.

Local Zimwanas can send cheques made out to the fund, and post them to C J Bradshaw, P Bag SK 14, Gaborone, Botswana, or handed in to myself or Dave Stone of African Banking Corporation, Gaborone, for banking.

We intend to document every contribution, most importantly to acknowledge each individual who makes the effort.

Through a regular newsletter we will keep you informed of the fund balance and how it is being used.

Foreign transfers are also welcome and the account details are: Deloitte and Touche Zimbabwe Fund, C/o First National Bank, Main Mall Branch, Account number: 62055647344 Branch code 282867, Swift code FIRNBWGXA.

Email us to advise of details of your transfer, date, amount and origin.

Please email me as above or Dave Stone at stone@africanbankingcorp.com if you have any queries or want to make any comments.

Thank you in advance on behalf of so many old folk who really need your help but are too proud to ask!

Mike and Fiona Lander,


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